Friday, March 30, 2007

Road trip

We traveled to Gainesville this afternoon to take my mom to meet up with my sis, who is taking my mom the rest of the way home today. My mom has spent the last week here at the house and she was a HUGE help. I already miss her company. Can you guess from the photo where we ate? Cracker Barrel! My road trip must!
I spent four years in Gainesville. It is where I went to school and met my husband. It is a beautiful town and seeing it again today reminded me how great it is. After lunch and good-byes to my sis and mom we drove across town to see friends. This is a couple my husband knew from his childhood in Belgium; he has many fond memories of both of them, and having met them a few times now I understand why. She is very animated and refers to people and things in a story book kind of way. Children don't have hair, they have fur. They aren't soft, they are squishy. She refers to the girls as "Tickleberries" and let them roam around her airy, eclectic house freely. They picked up objects, played with her antique Chess game, lounged on her white sofa with a chocolate chip cookie and she never even blinked an eye. In fact she was very stern with Martin and I both to let them be. We finally conceded. Her husband was not at the house. He is in the hospital with lung cancer. I feel awful for them both and it seems even more real to me after just losing my dad to a long term illness. The visit was great other than his absence, and I wish their family peace during this time.
Now we are back home. The girls are bathed and dressed in their summer time pj's. The weather is getting warmer here and I am tempted to turn on the A/C. After tucking them in bed (where I pray they stay for the entire night) I will be polishing off a bowl of ice cream and watching TV. Great ending to a pretty good Friday.

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