Sunday, March 25, 2007

No weekend here

The end of last week and this weekend was spent talking to realtors, an attorney, and a few prospects that were house hunting and responded to our Sale By Owner sign that we are using until we sign with a new realtor. It has not been relaxing at all. I keep trying to forget about our current house situation and just enjoy my time with the family, but I can't seem to let it go 100%. A couple came by today that have been looking at our house since January. They wrote a contract which we did not accept and when they heard we were currently without a realtor they called to see if they could meet with us face-to-face. They really want our house but can't afford to buy until they sell. They brought their two sons, 22 mos and 4 mos, and the girls had fun playing with the oldest boy and admired the baby non-stop. They kept asking me if they could touch the baby. They love babies right now. It makes me happy to know that a family wants our house and would make it a home, but sad that the timing isn't right at this time. We are willing to work with them as long as it is in our best interest and were upfront in telling them so. Tomorrow is the day we should be signing a new contract with a new realtor. I hope this brings a change in our house-selling-luck.
The only thing slightly creative to happen at this house was freshening up the flower beds this afternoon. We have some pretty new plants in shades of orange, yellow and a bit of red. Martin had a burst of energy like nothing I have seen out of him before. The garage is spotless, his side of the closet is cleaned up and extra clothes bagged for Goodwill, and his dresser drawers tidied. Considering I feel like a slug and am having trouble gathering energy for the smallest chore, he totally put me to shame!! I love it.

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