Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Guess what time it is?

Summer time here in our little town. Pools, slip-n-slides, sunscreen. There is no stopping us now! School is officially over. I was not prepared for the last day of school. I knew it would be a change in our schedule and I was looking forward to the freshness and variety it would provide us with, but I was not prepared for tears - from ME! I can't believe a whole school year has passed. Just last August I was pregnant and excited about packing lunches for E & A. Now here we are in May as if fast-forwarded. I walked into the pre-school class on Tuesday, which had been stripped of its color, decoration, and energy, and it hit me like a load of bricks. I was so caught up in making plans for the summer that I did not consider what the end of school also signified, the passage of time i.e. the growth of my two oldest daughters, the arrival of a third daughter, the memories acquired. It sounds trite, but the emotions that I felt were so sharp. This parenting thing has a surprise around every corner.
I am super happy to be looking forward to a fun-filled summer and only good things have come out of this past year. We have another item to add to our summer journals already:

We now have two butterflies. You can see one in the photo above plus three of the remaining chrysalids. The girls haven't even seen them yet. They weren't there this morning, then like magic they were fluttering around this afternoon. The girls are taking an extra-long nap, but as soon as they wake up I will introduce them to the winged duo. Catch up with you all soon. Oh - the puzzle t-shirts that I tried were a big flop. Big F-L-O-P! I think I will pick up another knitting project but I haven't picked a specific one. I'll let you know.

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