Saturday, May 17, 2008

Desperately Seeking

I hate to post this photo with such a lame blog entry, because I do like the photo. It is another from our visit to Shangri La. I just love the two shades of green, and I am desperately seeking my happy, green, fresh place that I was in yesterday. Amazing how quickly the wind changes, so to speak. After posting my post and doing my normal thing yesterday afternoon my day just unraveled into one messy tangle and it ended so poorly. I know it happens this way sometimes, and I just let things slide knowing today would be a new day, but when I woke up and still felt irritated I knew I was in trouble.
I want my happy place back. I am 100% sure that 99% of my sour mood can be traced to allergy & sinus trouble. I have been fighting it for about eight weeks now, I have been to see the doctor twice in those eight weeks and agreed to go on a Rx to alleviate some of the symptoms, but six weeks after starting the medication I feel basically the same. What gives? I am told this area is awful for allergy issues. I would say so. I have never had this type of battle with my body and I don't like it. I am anticipating a call to my doctor on Monday which will probably result in a visit to his office - oh yay. Feeling crummy on top of dragging three poor (healthy) children to a doctor's office; not sounding great. But, to end on a good note, we did enjoy a great meal outside this evening and it was topped off with a freshly baked blackberry pie. The crust was very ugly, but flaky and the berries stood up pretty well; it was a pretty good pie considering I am not the greatest pie baker.

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