Saturday, January 12, 2008

What's happenin'?

2008 is rolling along. See out little garden fairy? I wish I had a dusting, laundry fairy too. The girls went back to school on Thursday. So, I dropped them off and went about my day. I came back to pick them up at the scheduled time and I noticed the teacher trying to catch my attention. Uh oh. Turns out one of my sweet little girls slapped a little boy about 30 minutes into the school day. Just hauled off & slapped him. When I got home & asked her why she hit him she sheepishly answered: "he made an 'mmm, mmm' noise at me." Well. Okay. I guess that is a reason, but seriously. Slapping? No one has ever slapped her, so why was that her reaction? Needless to say she got a sad face from the teacher which blows her & her sister's theory that boys get sad faces & girls get happy faces. What else is going on here? Tomorrow morning all three girls and I are loading up and driving to Houston to watch Martin/Dad run the H. marathon. I am hoping we get there in time to see him cross the finish line. We should have plenty of time, but you just never know how mornings are going to go around here lately. After the race he is bringing the big girls back and Aidan and I are going to do a little shopping. Yah! I am really looking forward to visiting some stores that I have been missing since moving to teeny little Beaumont. I also have a brunch-y, small, get together that I am hosting on Th. I am excited to do it since I love cooking for people, but I also know how much work it will take no matter how small I try to keep it. Which brings me to my next thought: cooking blogs. if you have any food/ cooking blogs that you like let me know since I haven't found too many on my own.

Well, I have tried the "tough love" tactic to try & get Aidan to sleep and I can't take it anymore. Thirty minutes is my limit; time to offer her some comfort. Good night all and have a great week!

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