Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hey There

What has happened since I last checked in? My trips to Goodwill have come to a halt, dinners have been made, eaten, some frozen, shared with friends. My "baby" is growing at an alarming speed. Her vocabulary is expanding, her tummy is expanding, she is wanting to hold her own spoon and feed herself, her walk is slowly picking up pace and looking like a jog, she is holding her own and having fun.
My older daughters are asking so many questions (we are in the "why" stage for sure!) that I am not sure I can answer adequately. BTW, what is in a brain? I need to Google that one. The question keeps coming up.
My college Alma mater won the National Championship title - GO GATORS! I have started a new knitting project. And, I am doing my best to take '09 one day at a time. What's going on with you?

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