Friday, September 5, 2008


We are home and unpacked, but not before we made a pit-stop in Oklahoma and stayed a night with my SIL and her family. I really wanted my three girls to see her two boys, and it was a nice break from all the driving. There are no frills, fluff or pink to be found in my SIL's house, but the girls didn't seem to notice. They had fun playing like the boys for our short visit.
School started this morning, so after getting home last night, unpacking and getting organized for this morning, I was prepared to help them get ready for their first day. Once again, they didn't blink back a tear or ask me to stay. They found their back pack cubby and waved me off. Enjoy the first September weekend.


Julie said...

Evan started preschool today... and was happy to be there! I'm working this year in the classroom next door, but I really don't think that mattered. He was ready and excited to start!

Java Mama said...

Hi Julie - I tried to reply to your comment, but the e-mail was returned as undelieverable. Anyway, congrats on a successful first day and a great start to the new school year!