Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer at home

We are back from our final summer trip. The suitcases have been emptied & retired for a few months. We (the three girls and I) drove to AR to visit my MIL. She is a great host and lives in a fun little spot. For such a small place, it is actually still classified as a village, there is lots to do. One of my favorite things was a walk along Tanyard Creek. It is a pretty spot and perfect for kids. Who doesn't love hopping along stones and walking on creaky, wooden bridges? My MIL broke into her perfect troll voice while walking on the bridge.
The weather was so mild and cool compared to our sweltering Texas summer weather. I could have stayed longer.
But we are back, and happy to be back. Sorry for all the grumpy talk previously. I do have a legitimate excuse: mono. Apparently we all have/ had it and no one realized it until about four weeks into the virus when some blood work was drawn. Hmm. I wasn't expecting that one. So, a few weeks remain for everyone to rest, relax and wind down the summer before preschool starts up. We also added soccer to E & A's schedules so that will help to keep us busy. Their little shin guards are pretty cute - can't wait to seem them in action.

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Julie said...

Your little one is looking so big... hope you find the time to rest and relax!