Sunday, August 10, 2008


The party is over, the weekend is winding down, I am tired and I am grumpy. My husband is tired of me being grumpy. I don't even know why I am so grumpy, but I am! I am hoping it is lack of sleep and tomorrow I will feel light and refreshed instead of overwhelmed. The three girls and myself are venturing to Arkansas on Wednesday (I really need a few nights good sleep to ready myself for this day o'driving). Our week in Arkansas will be spent with Grandma and should be restful. I am also hoping to complete a large chunk of my knitting project while I am there. I have not had much luck getting much of it completed here. This will be a wrap. My first. I intend on making one for a friend that is moving from FL to a much colder climate at the end of the summer. It would be nice to finish hers before her winter starts. We will see.

The birthday party was a hit. Erika and Ainlsee had fun and there was a good turnout of other children to make it a noisy affair. I feel like all we did all day was eat and open presents.
It was fun to help them celebrate and to share in their excitement.
Two four-year olds and a soon-to-be one year old. It makes my mind reel in a very full and appreciative way. So, the house is quiet for the next couple of hours and I have some knitting that needs attention and an attitude to adjust! Better get busy.

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