Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sous la table

This is a new favorite spot. All three girls seem to feel on level playing ground and often congregate here. It is all fine with me other than the occasional hustle and bustle of two bigger girls rough housing around the littlest one.
This morning while drinking my coffee they all decided to meet up under the table. It seemed especially sweet for some reason. I am leaving on Friday, alone, and knowing the fun that awaits for me this weekend makes family life seem much sweeter at times and more frustrating at other times. I find myself irritated by tiny things much quicker and simultaneously counting down the days to lift off. I also know that I will miss the little hands and feet while I am off without the rest of my family. Sure the flight will be nice & quiet, but who is going to make funny comments about mundane things and how can I be the judge of ugly face contests hundreds of miles away?
My husband made the sincere comment a few weeks back that I was so lucky to stay at home with our children every day. He is right and I often think this while he is getting ready for work in the morning. Well, now it is his turn for five days. He will be the lucky one and get to be the recipient of the comments (funny and whiny), he can judge the contests of all varieties, and he can enjoy the noisy, messy bliss that is stay-at-home parenting. I am sure he will be happy to see me on Tuesday night and I know I will be happy to see all of my family when I return.


Julie said...

Have a great trip... I can relate to the need to get away- yet the desire to be home with your family!

Stacy said...

Yay you! Enjoy your time away!