Sunday, October 14, 2007


Yesterday was spent at the fair. At least a solid couple of hours. It was hot and the girls & I were worn out when we got home. I have some photos to post once I get them uploaded. In the meantime I was feeling terribly guilty for the carb-loaded, vegetable/ fruit deficient meals that I fed the girls yesterday:
Breakfast: pancakes
Lunch: sprite & a corn dog
Dinner: grilled cheese & french fries (they only ate the fries) and another sprite.
I wasn't up for cooking last night so we ended up eating lunch & dinner out which is pretty unusual for us. Today I made up for it, somewhat, and am ready to dig in to our tasty supper:
tilapia w/ lime butter, homemade mac and cheese & steamed broccoli. I am not the best photographer especially when it comes to food so I will spare you, but I am sure it will taste yummy. Can't wait.

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