Friday, September 21, 2007


Notice some changes? Okay, a change? I have been thinking about this blog and what it is about. I have gone through this thought process several times since my blogging beginning as it has always been rather aimless. I don't want it to be about my children, but that is what I do 99.9% of the time. I am not crafty enough to have a craft blog. So the thoughts continue and I continue to blab as the mood strikes which is rather aimless as well. I will let you know what I come up with. On to the real content of today's blog - thrifting. This is something I have not done in years due to four little hands that don't always respond to "No" as quickly as I would like. Now that I have some children-free time during the week I am trying to take advantage. So, yesterday I hit three little antique/ thrift stores & wouldn't you know I found something at all of them. The first does not have a defined purpose but I just liked the look of it. For now it is storing some art & craft supplies next to the sewing machine table.

It may end up a different color eventually, but for now I am liking the red. The other purchase was for E & A's kitchen. I had it set up on their stove and they noticed it right away once they came home from school. I have had a never ending supply of coffee & tea ever since.

Too cute & I love the color. An even better characteristic? It is not ceramic and won't shatter into a bazillion pieces on the tile flooring. The third is currently in my bedroom which is also where one of the girls is napping. It isn't old or used but it did come from an antique store, and it is the softest baby blanket I have ever felt. It completely matches the bedding for the baby too. This is the first non-utilitarian purchase I have made for the baby. It is hard to get excited about buying diapers & bottles, but this purchase made me very happy. I can't wait to wrap her up & see how she likes it. As an aside, I mentioned the "burrito wrap" to my husband the other day to see if he remembered how it was done. This worked so well with both girls that until they could wiggle out of the blanket they were swaddled in blankets to help them fall asleep. His response, which was verbalized while reading the newspaper, never making eye contact with me, and which I absolutely loved: "Yeah, I remember. That is how I wrap up the girls' baby dolls." Love him!


Stacy said...

...I'm still trying to figure out the 'point' of my blog too. :) Like the new banner. It makes me crave coffee though!!!

Java Mama said...

The coffee craving hit me too when I opened the bag of beans. The banner is still not quite right, but I like it better. Thanks!

Julie said...

Oh, I remember the "burrito wrap"... it worked so well for our kids!

I think it's great that you blog! I have been so inspired by many-- it seems like a fascinating world. Maybe one day I'll jump in too!

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Sweet, sweet man!

Toben is the king of swaddling in our house. And Audrey especially was swaddled all the time until she could wiggle out of it. I always want to swaddle little ones who aren't!

I really, really do have a gift for you. It's wrapped, ready to go, and has been riding around in my car for nearly a month. I REALLY need to get to the post office. (And now that I've said this, maybe that will be thing I need to actually get there...)


CrownLaidDown said...

Just read your comment on Joanne's blog and thought I'd stop by to say Hello! And to encourage you in your journey. We moved from East Texas to Colorado two years ago (Oct. 15th). It was a wonderful and hard journey. But we knew this was where God wanted us. It is a wonderful place to live! Praying for you.

Java Mama said...

Hi Julie & Holly -
Thanks so much for your comments. It is great to correspond with other bloggers. I wish there was a way to meet all of you!