Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lazy Christmas

Things are slowing down here. Friday is the last day of pre-K and their class holiday party. Saturday we load up and leave. With the exception of two gifts (to be bought once we are in FL) and some wrapping (also happening in FL) I am done. Tree, baking, cards - all finished. I can get wrapped up in the excitement (stress) of holidays with the best of them. This is much better, although I do have a little voice "Am I forgetting something?". The downside to having time on my hands? Too many bad Lifetime Movie Network movies. Why isn't there anything good on during the day? It is nice having some quiet time mid-day. I have been knitting a little and catching up on magazines too. Such lazy decadence.

1 comment:

Philigry said...

sounds like fun. i just have to wrap, but other than that, i am done too! yeah!